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Facilitators /key persons-(teachers/parents) 

Out of crediting 15 years of my working experience, I will suggest you to pay attention to the following facts. This book or series is written more for teachers in comparison to the children keeping the status of the majority of teachers available (backward states, rural set up etc..) in India. Most of the terms have been defined for the teachers for the book to be a ready reckoner for them right at the moment and can inculcate the right value. At the same time The book or series is designed in multicolor and full of pictures for the development and interest of the tiny tots. My intention being an educator, is that the concept should not be taught incorrect at the beginning of the formative stage of these tiny tots. As Pre-Primary means first step baby takes to know his or her Environment in a social set up. Therefore it is a prime duty of the key person (teacher/parent) to give the child a secured , closed by environment so that the children are exposed better. Show pleasure in being with the children. (taking care of Affective domain) As Dr. Maria Montessory’s suggested methods of teaching to these young ones – by stress free methods and emphasis on motor skills (taking care of Psychomotor domain) at the same time building the mental readiness for cognition i.e identification, recognition, recall, memory, comprehension etc… (Cognitive domain) . Therefore all the three domains of Bloom’s taxonomy are even applicable in Kindergarten section. As such there is no universal standard curriculum available for Kindergarten. But psychological principles of growth and development must be taken care by the teachers, for teaching any concept to these tiny tots.
Similarly based on theory of Individual difference all individuals will learn in different style and in different amount of time therefore Pluralize your teaching i.e. Each child learns the same concept in different style. Individualize your teaching i.e. child centric teaching , means each child is unique and learns in his/her own style . Involve multiple senses in learning, some learn by listening , some learn by seeing, where as some learn by doing and so on ……. some love to build block , where as some love to color , and some love to rhyme and these all kind of children will discover their unique style of learning , this way we promote the natural curiosity of the child too. Make sure that learning should be fun for these tiny tots as too much eye and hand coordination is detrimental for these tiny tots. This is why , separate notebooks are not suggested to complete this curriculum , at the same time writing skill is not ignored even.
By the God’s grace !

Shobha Ajay Pavecha
(, DCM, DCPA(NCC-UK), MA (Eng-Linguistics),PGDEA (symbiosis),B.ED)

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