Cursive small letters – B




Letter formation is basically a psychomotor activity and it requires imitation, manipulation and precision. Letter formation is movement of muscular activity associated with mental process.
To ease the child, pages have been bounded as per similar pattern letters rather than sequenced alphabets. This is a difficult task for the teacher to handle this pre letter formation activity therefore complete explanation is given in respect of terms to be used and directions to be followed. Teachers are suggested to avoid too much eye-hand coordination from the tiny tots as they are very innocent babies. Teachers are suggested to encourage the child to learn the way of writing the letter rather than exact letter formation as this may stress the tiny tot and thus hinders the interest of learning. Provide a good model of letter formation for the children to follow.  I welcome the suggestions and feed back with due justification only in written form at : I apologize for any error that should be incorporated in future reprint or editions of this book.


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