All in one term book B1+B2




This book integrates different concepts like GK/Moral development/coloring/rhyming/values of the concepts.

Note – B2 is other part of this book.

This book contains the first chapter – ‘God/Shristi magician’- to inculcate the value of his existence . As the current scenario of the world is an example of value degeneration therefore as an educator I feel it as a part of my responsibility to disseminate the fact that God vouches all our worldly transactions , actions and are recorded for relevant reactions/ results in time to come or future.
Educationally, this book (series of KG) has been written in order of the chronology of events/happening so that firstly teachers/school head can plan the events and secondly the concept of learning by doing can actually take place keeping day wise teaching schedule. Many authors have put great efforts, but I still put few more efforts to systematize the facts along with pictures , definitions along with integration of rhymes, coloring , writing skill and notebooks. As India is land of varied caste, culture and religion, all celebrations and observations are categorized in three heads- National , Social and Religious and have been incorporated month wise in order of their falling. Objects of tools, vehicles, vegetables, fruits , colors have taken based on ‘theme’ intentionally repeated so as to let the children internalize the range of vocabulary by way of revision as the revision is the key for retention of learning. Most of the concepts have been explained through pictures and in multicolored set up as look and say is highly retain-able. I welcome the suggestions and feed back with due justification only in written form at : I apologize for any error that should be incorporated in future reprint or editions of this book.


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