Phonetic English main course – B




The book  has been designed and written by way of systematic organization of skills- i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing and this is the psychological sequence (growth and development ) the babies follow since birth ,In his/her immediate environment, first the baby listens to immediate world then speaks Maa baa paa etc… then identifies symbols/objects/images etc.. then at age of 5 -6 years begins, to write.
The theme of the books is based on phonetics i.e. based on study of sound. As we being the foreign speakers of English language having vernacular accent, it becomes difficult to pronounce the English words with accurate pronunciation, accent and diction, thus it becomes difficult to read and speak , for the child. Thorough, efforts have been made to develop the language skills (Language is not a subject) in correct and appropriate manner. LSRW- Listening, Speaking , Reading and Writing have been maintained throughout this book to follow the psychological principles of education. Language teacher should have a lot of power to enhance the plethora of skills .
Another specific feature of this book is integration, which is very clear objective of NCF. Integration means unification of different pieces of knowledge along with their correlation. Like Rhymes, coloring, values catchment , grammar skills while learning to read, have been integrated. Variety of exercises and drillings have been incorporated with beautiful presentation of text in multicolor set up without losing the educational objectives of the curriculum. Last but not least I would like to extend my heartial thanks to Girish Jain for design and layouts and Ms Monal chandrawat for the assistance and cooperation extended by her . I welcome the suggestions and feed back with due justification only in written form at : I appologize for any error that should be incorporated in future reprint or editions of this book.


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