English Grammar skills -3




Over the past 15 years of experiences, as an educator and head of a CBSE school, I personally feel that the role of grammar cannot be denied. Learning of grammatical rules are essential to ensure that learners develop a strong base in writing as well in communication skills. The objective of writing the series is, the knowledge of grammatical rules and the ability to apply them in meaningful contexts/situations. English being foreign language of India, the grammatical rules are required to retain in the memory of the learners for enabling to read and edit the texts for various purposes. Therefore the need for a graded , rule based series was observed.
Why this book is better ?
1. The perception of each concept through , plenty of pictures/images, so as to make learning easier as well interesting in multicolored setup to reduce the boredom and isolation.
2. Beautiful presentation of text in a user friendly way.
3. Detailed rules and plenty of exercises in variety of formats are given.
4. Points are numbered numerically for learning faster.
5. Confusing topics are given by marking a vertical line for a quick references on both sides.
6. Blend of traditional and modern approaches
7. Simple language to suit all the learners and teachers.
8. Chronological presentation of topics and subtopics with beautiful presentation, in multicolored setup along with the rules and their exceptions, if any.
9. Revision of last class is added to assimilate and remember what has been learnt at each stage ?
I warmly place the grammar series with confidence, for the learners to rouse their interest in grammatical skills for being a better writer and an effective speaker.Last but not least I would like to thank Girish jain for design and layouts. I welcome the suggestions and feed back with due justification only in written form at : Shobhpapavecha@gmail.com. I appologize for any error that should be incorporated in future reprint or editions of this book.


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