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1.Events/festivals/special days (Observation/Celebration both) are set in curriculum in order of their falling to make it happen - "Learning by doing".
2.Theme base object selection in the book from real life .
3.All the terms are defined in book for the teachers, to make positive transfer to the children.
4.Intention of author and preface guide teacher for teaching methods.
5.Ways and methods - 'Integration' - unification of different pieces of knowledge'-
Concept explained, coloring of the same concept, rhyming of the relevant concept.
6.Most importantly Each chapter carries 'Value' i.e. "why the child is learning and teacher is teaching"


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Why Phonic English ?
Because we are foreign speakers of English, students come from diversified set ups and different mother tongues (vernacular accents) learning of correct pronunciation is the necessity of learning language.
Inclusion of all types of Alphabets - Print capital and small and Cursive small and print letters.
Systematic classification of alphabets-types of letters /categories
Includes Reading, Speaking and Writing skills LSRW
Inclusion of grammar skills in a play way method at kindergarten level without labelling it as the part of speech.
Alphabets A-Z book for nursery
Wonderful drill exercise of alphabets in horizontal and vertical form of letters.
One alphabet many words and pictures recognition
Each alphabet exhibiting five 5 words and five pictures thus increasing range of vocabulary. Thus 5 * 26 = 130 and more word range is built.


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Learning to write alphabets- Print/Cursive writing books -
Patterns and waves book -
Pre-readiness to write is a must activity . Ample of practice of strokes/curves/hooks/loops to get ready to write.
Print and cursive writing books -
1 All the required terms are defined in the glossary section.
2.Eligible conditions to learn to write are given for moms/dads and teachers.
3.Most salient feature of the books of alphabets is similar pattern letters are sequenced together in the book to facilitate the innocent baby to learn with interest instead of stressing the baby.


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English grammar class 1 & 2
1. Revision of alphabets
2. Real life connect - in selection of objects and words
3. Plenty of word names in a systematized format
4. Beautiful colors and pictures to catch the attention of the children
5. Unique gender classification
6. Unique explanation of demonstratives (this/that) with pointer position in form of traffic police.
7. Category wise action words
8. Integration of coloring o stimulate the interest of the learning.
9. "Do as you learn" in most of the concepts.
10.Theme based picture selection to increase the range of vocabulary.

English grammar class 3, 4 & 5
1. Naughty rule board for rules to be learnt.
2. Systematic presentation of each concept with colorful images.
3. Tabulation where ever required.
4. Integration - like teaching concept and choosing healthy diet/cleanliness/value based etc.. images and words.
5. Most confusing concepts - elaborated thoroughly like
6. "Articles", "singular-Plural", "Tense", "Abstract noun", "Prepositions" etc..


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