It is difficult to pen down the life of a person who had so many ups and downs in his life. A voracious reader, a spiritually inclined being and a Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession. He was a man of vision, courage, compassion, strong will and determination.

I dedicate this book (series of kindergarten ) to my soul mate, who was the sole source of inspiration. Not only did he inspire but had immense trust in me. He tried to get it published during his lifetime but unfortunately, we couldn’t succeed, due to his early departure from the materialistic world. His encouragement helped me to find a way to publish all my manuscripts in Ajay publications to fulfill his aim of imparting quality education. And, therefore out of his trust in me and my commitment towards his aim, we are launching this series of kindergarten and English Grammar books, which is the first edition of this publications. He is still alive in our memories and will always remain; through his vision, ideas and thought process which will guide us for this journey of publications of quality education books. I pay tribute to my soul mate for what all he has given me: mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
By the God’s grace


Shobha Ajay Pavecha
(B.sc, DCM, DCPA (NCC-UK), MA (Eng-Linguistics), PGDEA (symbiosis), B.ED)

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